Hi, just started new inquiry on sovereignty international.fyi.  ‘s very good; like the loan comes from your promissory note.  The banker merely puts it into transaction accounts, and you pay for your OWN money, with interest!.  Taking Tom schauf’s banker’s questions to a banker / CPA in court PROVES they lent nothing.  Let’s all quit paying and access our. Enrique trustoney!

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lies vs truth

Lie: official version 9eleven

Truth: http://www.christopherbollyn.com


Lies:fukushima was caused by an earth quack


Truth: fukushima was caused by nuclear debices courtesy of mossad and other children of the serpent.see http://www.jimstonefreelance.com.

Lies: cancer is incurable…..chemotherapy is a valid response to cancer


Truth:  chemotherapy has a 2% su’ess rate.  Proven to cause cancer. Whereas, william donald kelly had 98% success tresting cancer/other diseases(see metabolic typing diet). Hulda clark: 95% success rate. Rife:100% success treating cancer.


Lies: phonics doesn’t work to learn r e ading.

Truth: phonics does work: ii is an ideal link of the auditory /sound learning of tots to the sight-based system of written language.


Lies:  we have a democracy….democtacy is the best gov.ernni n g system


Truth:  we have a republic….a democracy is the bilest form of gov.


Lies:  mercury is safe to use in dental work.


Truth: mercury is the most poisonous substance on the planet.  One atom of it kills one cell!


Lies: death is inevitable.


Truth:  www.BenAbba.com

2800 year old man.



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