lies vs truth

Lie: official version 9eleven



Lies:fukushima was caused by an earth quack


Truth: fukushima was caused by nuclear debices courtesy of mossad and other children of the serpent.see

Lies: cancer is incurable…..chemotherapy is a valid response to cancer


Truth:  chemotherapy has a 2% su’ess rate.  Proven to cause cancer. Whereas, william donald kelly had 98% success tresting cancer/other diseases(see metabolic typing diet). Hulda clark: 95% success rate. Rife:100% success treating cancer.


Lies: phonics doesn’t work to learn r e ading.

Truth: phonics does work: ii is an ideal link of the auditory /sound learning of tots to the sight-based system of written language.


Lies:  we have a democracy….democtacy is the best gov.ernni n g system


Truth:  we have a republic….a democracy is the bilest form of gov.


Lies:  mercury is safe to use in dental work.


Truth: mercury is the most poisonous substance on the planet.  One atom of it kills one cell!


Lies: death is inevitable.



2800 year old man.



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